You have big plans. Big dreams. You know college is where to start. But a dream is not enough. College doesn't just happen; you have to work to make it a reality...

KnowHow2Go Students

You know why to go college; we're here to tell you how. There are specific steps you need to take and these sites can help you along the way. Remember, it's never too early — or too late — to start on the road to college.

College is possible. Find out about the 4 Steps to College.


Information and guidance geared for Junior High and High School students who want to go to college.

Keep yourself on the right track to college.

What's Next Illinois

Learn about careers, colleges, and admission requirements. Track your academic progress.

Paying for college — learn about your options.

ISAC Illinois Student Assistance Commission

Information for parents and students of all ages regarding higher education.

Find a financial aid workshop near you!

High School Students — Get One on One Help Preparing for College

Recent college graduates across the entire state of Illinois are waiting to help you prepare for college.

Find out which ISACorps members are located in your region.